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Stu Kelly


Stu Kelly

To put a face to the name.

About me

My name is Stu Kelly and I am a motion graphics and visual effects animator located in Ormskirk, United Kingdom. I studied visual effects animation at Edge Hill University and currently work as an animator for a small studio. I love to research and explore, as for me this is as big a part of my creative process. I enjoy finding inspiration in as many things as I can and aim to create works that inspire others.

My diverse range of work history has allowed me to develop a unique balance of creativity and technical knowledge to create content in a number of different ways.

What about when you're not animating?

In my spare time I produce music of varying styles which I then synergise with my animation skills. My debut release is 'Mirage' and if you're on Spotify, you should definitely give me a follow!

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