Mirage (Music Video)

Slide Stu Kelly
(Music Video)
video_library Visual Effects September 21, 2018
Mirage is a collaboration between my good friend, Matthew Quinn, and I. It began when he paid me a visit prior to his venture to Australia. We spoke of some potential collaboration ideas and this is where Mirage comes from. The footage of Nepal was not captured with an intention in mind, nor was it captured with professional-grade equipment, so it was an exciting challenge to transform it into a refreshing visual story.

The opening and closing shots of the music video are on a boat, suggesting that everything in between was fabricated. A dream of what was or what’s to come, much like a shoreline to those lost at sea – a mirage.

Officially self-released on June 8th, 2018 by Stu Kelly.

Produced by Stu Kelly
Videography by Matthew Quinn
Visuals by Stu Kelly