Funka Festival 2019



Funka Fest is an organisation that promotes the professionalism of artistic practice with a cultural offering, stimulating the circulation of contemporary arts and formation of new audiences. Funka Fest highlights the current trend of art to other disciplines, providing the dialogue between visual arts, performing arts, music, applied arts and culinary arts. They know that today’s art is dispersed in multiple circuits, which allows diverse notions and ideas to flow from discipline to discipline. Because of this, they have an array of diverse speakers from various industries.

Poster Animations



I was hired by the festival’s lead designer, Lstelo, to create an animated version of the official Funka Fest 2019 poster. The poster was very beautifully designed with great use of texture so it was very exciting to take this piece to the next level and breathe life into all the individual elements.




The animated poster was to be formatted best suited for Instagram stories, vertical 16:9 (1080×1920) resolution. The animated elements I created were then used for further campaign posts on social media.


Poster Design, Concept  & Illustration: Lstelo | Illustration Assistance: Maria Fadeeva | Animation: Stu Kelly

Date: April 29, 2019

Client: Lissette López

Project url:

Category: Branding, Design, Motion Graphics