Bob the Russian



Russia, 2018. The FIFA World Cup is in full swing, and so are the Russian and English hooligans. As the final approaches, the country has turned into a rioting war-zone with more hooligans and police than ever before. What can you do when an entire country has been engulfed in mindless violence? Pull off the heist of the century of course, England and Russia working together while England and Russia are on the streets killing each other…what could go wrong?

Projected Sequence



I was approached by Mike to produce a short animation to play in the background of one of the scenes of his latest production ‘Bob the Russian’. In this particular scene, the characters are huddled around a table as the lead overviews the plan with each participant. To coincide with each key piece of information, in the background a projection would take place displaying a top-down view of the piece of paper on the table so that the audience could see. These graphics were then animated to provide a more engaging experience. I was able to attend a rehearsal whereby I recorded the scene and created timings which synchronise perfectly with the performance. Included in the animation is lots of visual hints towards future events in the performance. This was an idea which I proposed and Mike loved and then I soon had a long list of additional graphics to sneak into the animation.

Bob the Russian

First previewed at Edge Hill University Arts Centre in April 2018, followed by shows at Footlights Media City, Unity Theatre Liverpool, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and more.



Writer & Director: Mike Dickinson

Animation: Stu Kelly

Date: 13th March 2018

Client: Mike Dickinson

Project url:

Category: Art Direction, Design, Motion Graphics