Jag Minns

Slide Stu Kelly
Jag Minns
(Music Video)
video_library Motion Graphics November 06, 2020

The Song

I began this song sometime in 2019 with a concept in mind. I wanted to create something which reflected the quote "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened". The track was to begin and end rather somber, but liven up towards the middle. I wanted something which reflects how you'd think back at certain times or people, perhaps ones that you have loved and lost. Initially, you may be sad that they are not there with you, but then you think of all the great times you had, bringing you much needed happiness in the time of despair.

Why the Swedish title?

A working title for the track was 'Reminisce' but I felt that already had a few lofi releases under that name so in order to create some diversity I had the title translated. Whilst it's not a direct translation, it was close enough that it matched the vision of the track.

The Visuals

Balancing personal projects with client work can be a challenge, so for this release I wanted simplicity. With the song being melancholic, I wanted some visuals to portray a scene of loneliness. Night time is most often when I think of the past, lost in my own trail of thought.

Released on November 6th, 2020.

Produced by Stu Kelly
Co-Produced by Pumpupthemind
Visuals by Stu Kelly


Nightmare Nasty – Body (Lyric Video)

Slide Nightmare Nasty
(Lyric Video)
video_library Animation June 19, 2020
Official lyric video for Nightmare Nasty's new single 'Body'.

Having done some in-sync lyrical VJ work in the past, I always wondered when the day would come when I would finally work on a full-length lyric animation.

With a mostly teleprompter-style approach to the text transitions, I wanted to ensure the text-on-screen would be visible for long enough so as to still be able to be followed by the viewer. Being a hip-hop track, it's not uncommon for sentences to be in short duration of the proceeding.

Produced by Nightmare Nasty
Mixed & Mastered by Juda
Design & Animation by Stu Kelly

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Revolut – User Stories – Stu Kelly

Slide Revolut
video_library Animation December 19, 2019
Being a regular user of Revolut, it was really exciting when this project came my way. Revolut for Business asked me to share my story with the world.

I've created lots of explainer videos, so it was definitely a new experience being the subject of one!

This project came with some challenges, such as being able to have a rasterised 12 frame composition within a 24 frame-per-second composition. After some head-scratching and trial-and-error, I managed to figure out how to pull it off without the camera movements being affected, allowing for smoother movement.

Directed by Stu Kelly
Script by Stu Kelly & Sarah Hiraki of Revolut

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