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Ibn Al Quff
video_library Animation July 11, 2019
A short infographic animation providing the story of Ibn Al Quff, a physician-surgeon who was a Christian-Arab in the thirteenth century. I was tasked with turning Photoshop layers into animated graphics. Since this video is about a historical figure, textured overlays and grain were added to provide an aged aesthetic.

Ibn al-Quff was born in the city of Al Karak (modern-day Jordan). His father was Muwaffaq al-Dīn Yaʿqūb and was a Christian Arab. His father had a good job opportunity and moved his family to Sarkhad in Syria, where Ibn al-Quff was tutored by Ibn Abi Uṣaybiʿah who introduced him to the medical studies. Ibn al-Quff moved to Damascus where he gained further knowledge, studying metaphysics, philosophy, medicine, natural sciences, and mathematics. After his studies and proving himself as a knowledgeable physician and surgeon, he was given the job of physician-surgeon in the army, stationed in Jordan. It was whilst serving in the army when he became a well known figure in the medical field. His reputation became widespread in the Muslim empire for being a Christian Arab conducting his work with honesty and caring for his patients. After his time of popularity faded, he returned to Damascus and remained there teaching until his death at the age of fifty-two.

Design by Frank Suarez
Animation by Stu Kelly