Radical Web Design

Web Animations

Bringing life to the graphics on Radical Web Design‘s website in the form of animated SVG’s. This allowed for much smaller file sizes than GIFs as well as the ability to have scalable, responsive animations embedded to the website. For this, I utilised Bodymovin, a script for Adobe After Effects. Bodymovin outputs your After Effects animation as a JSON file. When paired with the Bodymovin.js library, this JSON file will render as a native SVG animation and run in real-time.

Contact Icons

Minimalistic line art animations embedded on the contact page

Process Icons

Animations embedded on the process page

About (EN)

Animations embedded on the about page as an English visitor

About (PL)

Animations embedded on the about page as a Polish visitor

404 Page
Homepage Loop


Design: Radical Web Design | Animation: Stu Kelly